Enviro-LCS now has a sophisticated and integrated solution to manage its business activities which is Apple iPhone oriented.

Emailed Service Dockets
Enviro-LCS focuses on service attendance and getting jobs done. On the completion of services dockets are automatically sent to one or more specified email addresses. Our customers are advised when and where the service was completed and what was serviced.

On Time Service
Service staff are required to perform service work as scheduled. As with any other operational activity, unplanned events do occur such as bad traffic, road access closures, vehicle breakdowns etc. Service staff can micro-manage their current workload on their iPhone to ensure customers are serviced with minimum delay.

Offline Capability
In some areas where carrier mobile data services are unreliable the App automatically switches to offline mode allowing the service staff to continue working. When carrier data signals are detected again the app automatically updates the server database and local data. Service staff are totally unaware of this situation.


Work for a given date is listed in suggested order based on access times to customer locations and previous scheduled delivery times. Service staff may also view the list by postcode, suburb. Tapping on a vehicle icon brings up a pick list of items to be serviced on that day, ensuring the vehicle is appropriately stocked before service staff proceed.

In the event of unforeseen or unplanned interruptions, service staff can micro-manage their workload by either selecting an individual site from the list or in some cases re-scheduling the work to another day. Our Service Manager has remote access to review and change the work if necessary.

The Service Manager is alerted whenever service staff selects to drive to, arrive at or depart from a work site. On departure, the service staff must confirm that service work has been done as instructed. Service dockets are automatically emailed on service confirmation.


At the base, the Service Manager is able to use a desktop app to monitor service staff in real-time.


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