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Below is the article that appeared in the May/June 2011 edition of Inclean magazine. Inclean is a bimonthly magazine delivering the latest information in sustainable hygiene information.

For your interest we have also included the advertisement we placed in the magazine.


Enviro-LCS was created to offer a more environmental solution for washroom hygiene services. As well as delivering green services, the Sydney-headquartered national service provider has also invested significantly to achieve a carbon neutral position.

James Shea, owner of Enviro-LCS, realised the need for a more environmentally friendly approach “after 15 years with Lady Care Services and being involved in an industry which used many harmful chemicals. We analysed the waste and realised the major contaminate was the chemicals used to treat the waste.”

With the introduction of its non-chemical Sanisorb means of treating sanitary bin waste Enviro-LCS says it pioneered this friendly technology.

“No chemical dry waste ensures no accidental spillage of harmful chemicals, a major OH&S issue within our industry. Both our staff and customers are a lot happier with this 100% natural solution to treating sanitary waste,” Shea explained.

With the commissioning of its 10KW solar (panel) array late last year Enviro-LCS furthered its commitment to the environment.

“This solar power system produces enough power to completely offset the power used in our sanitary bin sanitising operation.

“Enviro-LCS has an environmental commitment of using no chemicals and being carbon neutral making our sanitary units the greenest in the industry,” Shea noted.

Another of aspect of Enviro-LCS’s innovative operations aspect is its touchprobe attendance verification, which ensures service is carried out on time.

“In an industry renowned for poor service it is a comfort to our customers to know washroom servicing is carried out on time and discreetly,” pointed out Shea.

At any time Enviro-LCS can provide reports detailing attendance dates and time, future attendance dates and a survey of products and service frequencies on each site.

Enviro-LCS provides quality washroom services including, sanitary units, touch free sanitary units, nappy disposal units, hand cleaning, sanitising and drying solutions, airfresh units, toilet seat sanitisers, urinal and WC deep-cleaning service, sharps and medical waste services, and more . . .

The company is interested in taking with any organisations seekig to expand the services they can offer to their clients. Enviro-LCS is also keen to present its green credentials to any organisations reviewing their present washroom service provider.


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