It’s a new type of nanotechnology air
freshener dispensing system that works
with unique Air Fresh and Air Clean refills.


Piexo offers you a greener alternative to traditional aerosol and gel air fresheners. The system is designed for many different applications from the restroom to hotel guest rooms and even the HVAC.

Spray particle is 1 micron 
in size. It will stay airborne 
for 2 hours.

Each 40ml content can be 
equivalent to 3,000 sprays.  
[ 0.021mL/spray ]

Covers from 6,000 cu. ft. 
to 24,000 cu. ft. with 
proper ventilation.




We try to make everything out of plastic: light, strong, and clean. It’s easy to recycle and better for the environment.


Piexo technology allows us to use safer chemical formulations. You breathe better air. The impact on your health, the environment, and the impact on our planet is a positive one. Small change adds up fast.



Gas can weigh a ton. That’s why we decided to give you more product content for the money. No propellants also helps our manufacturing process with less equipment to power.

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