IncLean 2011 award

Inclean Magazine Award
Enviro received an unexpected Christmas present - the Inclean industry magazine's 2011 Innovative Paper and Dispensing award for our Sanisorb product! We feel honoured by this achievement and if you don't know about Sanisorb then here is a brief outline.

What is Sansisorb?
· Sanisorb replaces harmful sanitary bin chemicals, which are detrimental to our health & the enviroment.
· Sanisorb is a naturally occuring inert mineral with unique properties which kills odor causing bacteria.
· OHS - no risk of chemical spills with Sanisorb.
· Sanisorb is Australian made and exported worldwide.

Inclean's Comment
Innovative Paper & Dispensing: While a number of entries were received for this catergory, the judging committee was unanimous in short-listing just one entry.
Enviro-LCS's Sanisorb is a locally developed and sourced product that reduces the use of harmful chemicals in sanitary bins. Sanisorb is an inert naturally occuring mineral wih unique properties for odour absorption.

jetspeed hand dryer

Our new Jet Speed hand dryer consumes less than half the power of conventional hand dryers - saving on your electricity bills and the environment!

Features include:
Quick hand drying - less than 10 seconds
Catch basin - floors dry, safe and clean
Air filter - only clean ari through unit
Hot/Cold switch - user option
Low noise - compared to conventional dryers
Safety cut-off - prevents unnecessary or excessive use
Affordable- significantly less than conventional dryers
Ready to use - no expensive installation costs
. . . and more!

For more information about this great unit contact one of our representatives.

4 roll toilet dispenser

Season Special is . . .

Only while stocks last!

4-roll toilet roll dispensers
· Stainless Steel
· Lockable
· Limited number in stock

Price: $35.00 each



Use Public Transport, Carpools, Keep tyres inflated, Bicycles

Every business needs to consider the environment in all it does. Thinking green is becoming a priority. So, when we see that one third of all traffic is commuter - and with at least 90% of this traffic having only one person, we really have to start doing something.

Where possible use public transport. It may take a little longer but it will save you money and give you some time to yourself.

If you must use a car organise a carpool with fellow workers to and from work each day.

When driving, drive a little slower and keep your tyres at proper capacity. It will save on fuel, tyres and will lower emissions.

Where possible, use a bicycle - great way to get and keep fit!

Gail Lynch

You may have talked to us, emailed, written, phoned or faxed us. This is who we are . . .

Gail Lynch
Business Development Manager
Has now been with Enviro-LCS for 16 months.
"My claim to fame so far are Councils, Clubs, Hotels, YMCAs and other varied businesses.
"It is my endeavor to gain as much experience as possible - as knowledge is power and power equals success.
"I am totally within my comfort zone working at Enviro-LCS, the team are second to none and helping build the business a pleasure.
"If i can assist you with any enquiry where you may need to enhance your work place further, please call on me for advice.
" I look forward to taking your calls."

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