All the staff at Enviro-LCS would like to wish all of our customers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

As part of our Environmental Commitment as a company and to you our customers, we are proud to welcome our very first 'GreenSpot'. This will be a regular feature in each Enviro-LCS Newsletter and you will find helpful information and tips on what you and your business can do to help our planet become cleaner and greener - many of which can reduce costs and increase productivity! GreenSpot will feature stories and links to green business best practices, sustainability, renewable energy, recycling and much more. Let us know what you think.

Enviro-LCS will be trading right through the Christmas season (except for public holidays).

We are all looking forward to working with you again next year.


Free Sanitiser

For the month of December Enviro-LCS is offering a free Toilet Seat Sanitiser with every Touch-free Sanitary Bin installed. All you have to do is mention you read it here.

Our Touch-free Sanitary Bin is an innovative, Australian designed automatic feminine hygiene unit that eliminates physical contact. You can find out more about our Touch-free Sanitary Bins by clicking here.

The Toilet Seat Sanitiser is very easy to use - simply spray and wipe! Need more info? Just click here.


'Green' your office or workplace

Do you recycle your office paper?
Does your office contain living plants to purify toxic and stale air?
Do you turn your computers off overnight?

Paper reduction and recycling schemes can reduce the costs and environmental impacts of paper use by 75-95%?

A study by NASA found that plants can remove up to 87% of toxic indoor air within 24 hours.

By turning off your computer each night when you leave work for a year you will help save as much energy as it takes:
- to run a clock radio for 1,392 weeks
- to wash 464 loads of washing
- to use your blow dryer for 5,568 hours
- to vacuum for 464 hours
- to produce 3,480 plastic bags
- to run your microwave 24 hours a day for a week
- to boil your kettle for 24 hours a day for 268 days

Eco-facts can be scary and inspiring. The good news though is that everyone and every workplace can help save our environment. It's not difficult. It takes planning and commitment, but it will be fun and rewarding for your company and staff. The other good news is that ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to start greening your office or improve on what you are already doing is OUT THERE and it's FREE.

Just go to some of the best websites in Australia and overseas (and don't stop there - keep googling):

- Be Informed and Take Action with LivingGreener
- The Australian Government's Green office guide - Free Download
- The US-based Sustainable Industries has several Free Green Office Guides to Download and much more ...

Sources: 50 Simple Things Your Business Can Do To Save the Earth, Computers Off, UNSWITCH, wiseGEEK.


You may have talked to us, emailed, wrote, letter, phoned or faxed us. This is who we are . . .

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