Ensuring on time service every time

Enviro-LCS introduced computerised scheduling to ensure your services are carried out to your requirements.

Each scheduled service is then verified using Touchprobe attendance verification hardware.

At each service touchprobe records the date and time of our visit.

At any time our clients may request service reports including:
Survey - Details of location and service of products
Schedule - Future dates for service attendance
History - Details of services performed


Water free hand disinfection

Decontaminates hands to food handling standard (aqis cat 6)

Kills germs and viruses on contact (inc h1n1)

Improves OHS standards in the workplace

Reduces absenteeism and cross infection in the workplace.


You may have talked to us, emailed, wrote, letter, phoned or faxed us. This is who we are . . .


Kirstie Fiumara
Sales Co-ordinator
Has been with Enviro for two years
Duties include: Phone support for sales and operations, sales order entry, quoting, presentation and marketing


Kim Jensen
Serviceperson - Western District
Has been with enviro for two and a half years
Happy and bubbly enjoys her work


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Enviro Contact Information:-

Enviro~LCS Pty Limited As Nominee
51-61 Victoria Street, Beaconsfield NSW 2015
Ph: (02) 9310 1400, Fax: (02) 9310 1405
Website: www.enviro-lcs.com.au